Enough. That one little word conjures up so many images in my mind. Despite the definition, it seems in some way like it must mean lacking, settling. Yet, in other ways I use it to refer to reaching my maximum capacity, “enough!”

There has been buzz over the past few years about minimalism. I even found myself embracing that journey. But, I became disillusioned with writers, bloggers, and podcasters that seemed to put rules in place around it. One popular personality said you can only have 1 fruit bowl on the counter, nothing else. (UGH!) That is the last thing I need in life, more rules, more standards to struggle to live up to – imposed by someone else.

In my quest for a sense of freedom and less stress, I found new stress from the rules and restrictions of the minimalist lifestyle. This really bothered me. Still does.

And then it hit me…minimalism and excess are opposite ends of the spectrum but really seem to represent two sides of the same unhealthy fixation? The fixation with stuff – either hoarding the stuff or limiting the stuff. Either end of the spectrum seems like an unhealthy need to control. We either control the stuff by having it, or we control ourselves by limiting it. In both cases it takes extra effort and produces stress…and shame.

But I think there is a healthy space in the middle that produces joy rather than anxiety and stress. That space is the space of enough. Not less than, not too much. The place of peace and joy. The place of honest to goodness satisfaction. The place where striving and straining cease and we feel comfortable in our skin, just being who we were created to be.

This site exists to explore all of the facets of enough…and all of the ways that living in the sweet spot of enough can add joy, value, and satisfaction to life. The enough life is all about finding true and lasting satisfaction, for good.

I welcome you to join me. No expectations, no shame. Come as you are. You are safe here. You are welcomed here. Here, you are enough!